Safety Star Industrial, Inc.

Welding & Safety School


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Safety Star Industrial, Inc. was incorporated in Texas on June of 2007. We are located at 2619 Hwy 69 North, in Nederland, TX …just North of Spurlock Rd. on the west side of the Highway. Our offices and our welding school and safety school are jointly housed in a 9,000 sq. ft. office and shop building.

Our facility, located in Nederland, TX on Hwy 69 North boasts a new classroom and a state-of-the-art welding shop. Our Welding Shop has the newest machinery and equipment available today and plenty of room for fabrication.
Hands-on training along with graphic audio-visuals and informed lecture assures a well-rounded, interesting learning experience, here at Safety Star Industrial. Convenience is another plus here: our facility is located on the feeder road at the newly-finished Memorial Hwy – that’s Hwy 69, on the north side of Nederland, just north of Spurlock Rd. We are the last building before you get to Beauxart Gardens Rd. /Spurlock Rd. intersection with Hwy 69. On-site parking accommodates students as well as staff.

Our Intentions:
We believe that quality training facilities in this area are in short supply. The demand for well-trained workers in both the safety field and the welding field is high and the supply is very low. Our goal is to support and enhance the supply of workers in this area. We offer the finest training in the fields of safety and welding.


Our Safety Attendant course is the first organized effort ever. Its groundbreaking thoroughness and quality of training will be proven by the quality of performance shown by our graduates.
By cooperative efforts with local contractors and industry, many workers will find their way directly from our classroom to their new jobs in industry.

We do offer In-house financing, and we accept state funding and VA Benefits. For more informatyion please contact our Customer Service Department at:
(409) 729-1958